From the pristine seas of the Solomon Islands

Locally sourced. Certified quality.
Welcome to SolTuna. The best tasting tuna in the Pacific, fished sustainably in the Solomon Islands by Solomon Islanders.

Our brands

We offer 3 different brands, each tailored to suit the palates of Pacific and international markets. Of course, all offering delicious tuna, sustainably-fished in our local waters and carefully canned at source.


Delightful recipes and delicate flavours

SolTuna Premium has been conceived to offer the delicate flavour of premium tuna cuts prepared with the delightful flavours of local ingredients (like locallly sourced Chilli) and other exquisites recipes.
A real treat in a can.

Solomon Blue

A Solomons classic, loved in the Paficic.
Solomon Blue is SolTuna’s flagship brand and a much loved staple food in local and regional markets alike. The Solomon Blue range includes all the traditional flavours plus some special variants (like Curry) and the much sought-after White and Dark flakes.

Solomon Blue

Best of both worlds, the perfect combination.

Inspired by the ethos of the traditional Solomon Blue and incorporating the sophistication of SolTuna Premium, this brand has been specifically conceived to deliver the best canned tuna experience for the palates of international Tuna lovers. Fully FairTrade and MSC certified.