100% Tuna from sea to plate

When you buy Soltuna, you can be sure that the species on the label is the species going into your mouth. Bycatch is a fish or other marine species that can get caught unintentionally when fishing for a certain species. We not only make sure that these species don't get into your tuna, but that they also don't get taken from the sea. Our Western Pacific fishing vessels create minimal environmental impact by targeting only the intended species of tuna.

Plus, we only fish in areas where tuna are abundant as to not over-fish the ocean's ecosystem. And, all of our tuna carries the dolphin safe label to show that we have been certified as an organisation who take every precaution to not harm dolphins.


We are dedicated to the protection of our marine wildlife. We protect it as an important food resource to ensure the livelihood of generations to come. As a company dependent on a thriving tuna population we appreciate the need for fisheries practices that are sustainable and renewable. We do this through responsible management and by using a diverse number of locations for acquiring our fish.

We believe that sustainability goes further than the environment, it's about feeding the local fishing communities as well. We create job opportunities and focus on improving the standard of living throughout the area in which we operate. We're committed to limiting our impact both on land and at sea. To make this possible, we have implemented industry leading policies to emphasise collaboration with private, public and non-profit sectors. Our aim is to secure a thriving future for industry, communities and of course, our beautiful oceans.

Our goal is to undertake science-based initiatives for long-term sustainability

We are a founding member of the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF), a global partnership that includes scientists, most of the world’s leading tuna processors and brands, and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

Supporting Thriving Coastal Communities

We work closely with communities closest to our fishing activities to provide support. We are committed to ensuring that these local communities have access to the economic benefit of our fishing industry. We have invested in fishing and processing bases in the Solomon Islands that provide socioeconomic benefit to locals through employment and community initiatives. We maintain a high level of employment and wage standards to grow a healthy future for both these communities and industries. International and regional commerce profits from these downstream benefits and as a result, local businesses are thriving. We also invest in communities through donation to health, youth and education.

Sustainable Fishing Processes

We believe in taking care of the ocean because of how much it takes care of us. When you choose Soltuna, you can rest assured that our fresh tasting fish is caught using a sustainable fishing process that leaves the ocean just as we found it.

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